Friday, August 17, 2012

Cross Country!

Walking through the mud to the starting point, I could see that the course was not going to be easy. Mr Burt clapped the blocks together and off the 10 year old girls went. "Oh, It's so muddy!" I could hear as I jogged through. 

Reaching the gravel road I saw puddles, and more mud. Jogging along, my friends and I are all not far apart. To get to the first bridge we had to go through heaps of muddy puddles. It wasn't very nice. Then before we knew it we were at the first bridge. That meant we were starting our run in the bush. 

There were heaps and heaps of places we could've slipped. But most people didn't. Near the last bridge I saw my uncle! He worked at Telecom and they were helping us. "Hi Uncle Kimana!" I yelled as I ran past. I was nearly there and man was I puffed. Finally I had finished!!!

I found that run much much better than last year's one. But I was very tired. Overall I think I did really well and I hope I beat my last one!

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  1. Kaycee I have really enjoyed sitting down to relax tonight ans seeing the first report of the cross country come through on the blogs. You may not have won the running but you sure have run the blogging! Well done you.
    And even better creating a graphic to illustrate your post. You are so clever :)

    Mrs Burt


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