Tuesday, June 26, 2012

PEPA Part 2

“HIP HOP!” I excitedly yelled. Watching their group bust out their moves, I wondered where Tyla and Jonita were. I found hip hop very interesting and cool. Looking through the group, I tried to find Tyla and Jonita ( some of my friends). Finally spotting them I watch as they bust out their moves to the song. As Tyla walks to the front of the catwalk, I wonder "OOo! This is going to be great!"

Makerita, Andrea and Jarna walked onto the stage holding a microphone. “What’s this group?”, I wondered to myself. Music started to play and Jarna started to sing. FLY. They were singing Fly by Nicki Minaj and Rihanna. “I came to win...”, sang Jarna. When the rap started Makerita and Andrea came forward. They were great!

As the lights fade away, one of my friends, Jonita, made her way onto the stage. Holding her violin in one hand and her bow in the other, she quietly sat down and began to play. As the bow went up and down across the violin, her fingers moved quickly. I remembered her saying she needed to learn this song. Can’t remembering what the song was called, I furiously started to clap. I think Jonita did a very good job. 

“Ballet”, I thought to myself. Dressed in the PEPA t-shirt and skirts, they danced their way on. They twirled and skipped side to side in beat of the music. For one bit they twirled their partners around.

“Woohoo!” I could hear people shouting. The models. As a slideshow played, I read the facts about the different models. Most of them were samoan. Soon after Laurien’s speech the models made their way onto the stage. Walking down the catwalk, they strike a pose looking pretty in their cool clothes! Next out came Tyla. As more models walked out, I wondered who was at the end. Toreka was. Finally everyone from the concert came out.

Leaving the hall, mind blown by the outstanding performances, I can’t wait until their next concert. I didn’t want it to end. I guess all their hard work payed off!

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  1. The detail and personal voice coming through your review not only engage, they also involve me as if I was watching too. Great writing Kaycee.
    The next step is to add even more detail as extra clauses in some complex sentences. They are all pretty simple/medium sentences.


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