Thursday, June 21, 2012

PEPA Part 1

In case you didn't know what PEPA stands for, it's Pt England Performing Arts. On Wednesday we had the chance to watch them perform and they were amazing! I have to say my favourite act was hip hop. But in 2nd place would be my friend Jonita playing her violin. 

“Yay!” I shouted as we entered the hall. Filled with excitement, I couldn’t wait until I got to see 2 of my best friends perform! Around the black wall was a big stage about to be filled with dancers, singers, instruments and more. It was time for the PEPA concert. (PEPA stands for Pt England Performing Arts)

“I can’t wait to see Jonita”, whispered my friend Gloria. Suddenly the music began to play. While smoke filled the stage 3 boys made their way on. I realised it was the Kapa Haka group. With 2 more girls coming onto the stage, they began with our school haka. “ HE TAUA!” they began chanting. Finishing the haka, they sang a few more songs. I wondered what was next?

As the stage faded to black, another group came on. When it brightened I saw a few girls in PEPA t-shirts, lava lavas and red scrunchie bands on their hands. 

To Be Continued...

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