Saturday, June 23, 2012

Our Trip to Youthtown

Finally!” I thought to myself as we approached Youthtown. Room 14 and 17 were going on a trip to create things out of clay and swim! I couldn’t wait!

Entering Youthtown, out of the corner of my eye, I spy the pool with steam rising from it. Unfortunately we would have to wait before we got to get in. Taken to the base room, a lady called Sue explained to us what we were doing.

Happily walking down the hallway, room 17 were going swimming. After getting changed we quickly hopped into the warm pool. A shiver ran down my spine. For a while we played tag but then no one knew who was in. I spent some of my time riding on Lisia's back. "If you want to get out and play on the pool table you can", shouted Miss Garden. Rushing out to the changing rooms, I hurried to the game room.

Unfortunately, when I got there, they were all taken. I decided to take photos instead. Soon it was time to make clay boxes.

Finding a table and putting on a apron, we had to draw our design that was going in the middle of our boxes. I decided to do a small pattern and a "K" for my name. 

Next I had to cut my clay. With a cardboard square, I traced around it and made a square piece of clay. Now it was time to finish the actual box. Using some of the left over clay and some slip, (It's like paste for clay) I stuck on strips for borders. Finally I put in my design. I cut out the shape and put them in, then took it to the next stage.

Taking it over to the packed table, I quickly found a spot and started filling. Staring at all the different colour of glass we could use. I tried to keep it simple. I used blue, yellow and green. I thought it looked pretty good. I had finally finished. 

"Time to go!" yelled Miss Garden. I sighed. It was a fun filled day and I really didn't want to leave. But... I was exhausted.

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