Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Holiday

“I’m bored!” I complained to my nana and aunty. We had nothing to do. Suddenly my cousin brang up Mini golf. We thought it was a good idea so, my nana, my 2 cousins, my aunty and I hoped in the car and off we went.

Arriving at the Pirate’s mini golf near the airport, I rapidly hopped out of the car and grabbed my little cousin, Tahu. While I was grabbing my ball, I remembered that there were 2 courses. The Pirate Ship and the Cave.

Anxiously holding my golf club, it was now my turn. Hitting my ball, it skimmed along the course aiming for the hole. It took 2 tries before I got it in. This course was a par 2.

Placing the ball down onto the bright green felt, I softly hit it towards the middle of 2 bumps. When it didn’t go through I felt annoyed. After about 3 tries, I finally got it in.

One of the next courses after that was one with a big hole in the middle. If you got your ball in the hole then it would go down the waterfall. Luckily there was a opening at the bottom so we could grab the ball. First on this course was my nana. She hit hers into the hole after we had just told her not too! I scurried down to the opening where the ball should have come out. I was sitting there for ages! THEN they told me it was stuck at the top on a rock. TuAriki (my cousin) laughed at me. When it was my turn I took a while to actually get it in. First I got it around the hole then after a few shots I finally got it in.

On our last course, I really didn’t want to hit it because we wouldn’t get the ball back. But I did. Guess what... it only took 2 tries before I got it in.

It was really fun. I also hadn’t been to a mini golf place in ages! So I really enjoyed it.

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