Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Frog Report

How much do you know about frogs? Well firstly a frog is an amphibian. If you want to know more keep reading.

Amphibians are animals that live on land and in water and they are also cold blooded. Most frogs return to the water to lay eggs except for the Maud Island frog.

Amphibians live in wet places like under mossy rocks, wet leaves and damp areas. Most of them live near water because frogs can easily dry out and die. Only one particular frog doesn’t live near water, this is the Maud Island frog.

These amphibians have a short stubby body with smooth moist skin, bulging eyes and no neck. Different frogs can be all sorts of colours like brown or green. Their long hind legs hemp them for jumping. Did you know that they can jump 20 times their length!

A frog’s eye is very interesting because they can see upwards, sidewards and forwards all at the same time. To catch their prey, they use their sticky long tongue. While in its mouth, their tongue is rolled up.

At their juvenile age they are herbivores, so they eat the plants and algae. But when they grow up and turn into frogs they become carnivores. Then they eat things like flies, earthworms, slugs and snails. To hold onto their prey they use their teeth.

The seasons change and when it turns to winter frogs do something called hibernation. This is when they go to sleep for the whole season. Burrows, cracks, holes, logs or in rocky areas is sometimes where they sleep. When they awaken it is Spring time.

In the life cycle the first stage is the frog's spawn next they hatch, the next step is where they become froglets. Next they start developing legs, then they look more like a frog. It is then nearly ready to hop onto land.

All animals have enemies. Snakes, lizards, birds and hedgehogs are all considered as enemies to the frog. However, they lay so many eggs that their species hasn’t died out.

Frogs have very weird lives. I mean, they mate at the age of 3! CRAZY.

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