Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Writing Sample

This is my writing sample for Term 2, 2014.

The sun shone brightly as Kisha rushes down the path, dragging her older sister, Kara, behind her. “HURRY UP!!!!” she yells as she runs towards the beach, leaving Kara behind.

“Aaaah!”. Kara jumped, surprised. She peered around, looking for her sister, but she was no longer in view. Kara ran to the edge of the beach and sighed camly, starting to giggle. Kisha had tripped and rolled down the sand dunes.

Laughing, Kara jumped down and helped her up. “I tripped over that stupid thing!” she said, pointing at a glassy object peeking out of the sand. It’s an hourglass. Kisha picked it up and flung it against a rock, annoyed.

The glass shattered and the sand slid down the sides of the rock. Suddenly the sand beneath them started to disappear and create a tunnel of a sort. Kara and Kisha sank into the deep hole quickly. “WHAT'S HAPPENING!?” they yelled as the slid down the everlasting seeming tunnel.

Finally, they hit a solid rock floor. The only light source was a flaming torch.

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