Monday, June 23, 2014

20 Thinkers Keys : BAR Keys

For the last few weeks we have been looking at what the 20 Thinkers Keys. Each week we have been focusing on one of the 20 and have learnt more about it. Today we looked at the B.A.R Key. B.A.R stands for B : Bigger , A : Add , R : Replace. As an activity, we were given five minutes to draw a simple house. Here is the house, below, I drew.
Five minutes passed and now came the second part of the task. We rotated around the room, skipping a few computers, then made a change on the other persons house. With the first computer we stopped at, we had to make something Bigger, following the B.A.R. Key steps. We then rotated again but on the next computer we had to add something. Lastly we replaced something on the final house we stopped at. Here are the changes people have added to my house. (Below)


  1. Hi Kaycee,
    I added the slide because I thought you needed a bit of fun in it. I hope you like it!!!

  2. Hi Kaycee, I made the window bigger because it's fashionable these days. NNot sure bout' the slide though.
    Or the pool.


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