Sunday, February 3, 2013

Holiday Experiences

Throughout the holidays I have enjoyed many activities and places such as... Rocket Ropes, Parakai Springs, Horse Riding, The Zoo and more! Every week for 3 weeks I got to go to 3 places.

For the first week we got to have fun at Parakai Hot Springs. I also went to Motat and got a bit freaked out at Rocket Ropes!

In the second week we watched animals at the zoo, then saw some fish and stingrays at Kelly Tarltons and finally had a swim at Mt Albert Wave Pools. The slide wasn't really packed which was good!

The third week we went to the Drury Horse Trek. It was great fun and I got to ride a horse called Buster. A day later we went to watch Rise Of The Guardians. It was quite good. On the last day we just went to Glen Innes Pools.

Overall I had a great holiday and I really love all the activities I got to do. I can't wait until the next holidays.

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  1. HI KAYCEE!!
    You're holiday seemed so fun! I didn't do that many things in my holidays. I am so jealous. Out of all the activities, what was your favourite? If I were you, it would be horse riding. Can't wait to see more. BYE!



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