Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bob and The Black Hole

Today we watched a movie called The Black Hole. Then we had to write ten sentences to describe the movie. I did this with Tyla-Marie and Hosannah. These sentences are in no particular order.
On this first picture our sentences were...
What would you do with a black hole that could go through anything?
Late at night Bob discovered the black hole.
Suspiciously wondering, Bob realised it could go through anything.
In front of the vending machine, was where Bob put the black hole.
Putting his hand through the hole, he reached for a chocolate bar.
This picture says....
Hearing a sound from the office, he walked towards it.
Placing the hole on the locked door, he opened it to reach the safe.
The big grey safe led Bob to money.
"This could make me a millionaire", thought Bob. "I should steal all the money"
For being greedy, he deserved to be locked in the safe. And he was.

Do you think you know how the movie went??? If not here it is....

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