Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Swimming Lessons!

The smell of chlorine filled the classroom.  Grabbing my togs, I packed them away, ready to go swimming. I couldn’t wait!

Finally! Grasping my bag, I lined up ready to SWIM. Arriving at the pools, I immediately rushed to get changed.

Hopping in the pool, I felt a shiver run up my spine. First, like usual, we did two laps. Pushing off the wall, I felt myself glide through the water. Getting close to the end I felt someone nearly kick me in the face!

“As challenging as it is, I think I could probably do it”, I thought to myself. Our Instructor told us that we were going to try and swim 6 whole lengths non-stop! “Nevermind I can’t do it!”

Luckily, we got to choose how swam. Straight away I yelled out backstroke! Laying my back on the water, I pushed off and then started to kick. Coming close to the end I spied the flags above me. Quickly heading back to the other side, I saw everyone going past me. Reaching the flags, I felt someone coming close to me. Finally, I reached the end. “Oh” I groaned as the next room walked in. Time to get out.

Tired but happy, I walked back to class waiting for the next day. I couldn’t wait. “Hopefully I’ll be able to swim 6 lengths by Friday” I thought to myself.

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  1. Great story Kaycee.
    I love the way you constructed your paragraphs. You had me remembering my days swimming in the school pool.

    I do hope you achieve your 6 lengths by Friday. Fingers crossed...

    Mrs Burt


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