Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sunflowers By Van Gogh

The Sunflowers painted (with oil paint) by the well known Vincent Van Gogh is very very valuable. It is around 73 by 92 cm. In 1888, when it was painted, it was worth nothing, but 99 years later in 1987 it was sold for $40 000 000.

If you were to run your hand over this famous and cheerful painting, which probably wouldn’t happen, you would feel that the texture is very rough. When Van Gogh painted this he would have glumps of paint. He sometimes used a knife when he was painting.

The main colour in this painting is yellow, it is a very happy and cheerful colour. Cheerful and happy was exactly what he was feeling at this time. He also used the colours red and orange.

When I look at this Sunflower painting I think of something happy and cheerful because of the bright and sunny colours. Also this painting looks very realistic with its different ages of sunflowers. This painting has a lot of positives, I can’t even think of anything negative!

As everyone knows Van Gogh is very famous for his artwork. Van Gogh painted this piece of art to hang up in Paul Gauguin's room. Paul Gauguin was one of Van Gogh best friends and he was coming to stay with him. This made him very glad.

2 years later after he had painted the Sunflowers, he died. People say he shot himself and two days later he died. While he was alive his art was worth only a few dollars. After this happened everyone realised that his artwork was AMAZING. Now his paintings are worth millions!

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