Thursday, May 9, 2013 Comes to Pt England School! came to Pt England School!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yes, the international artist! is such an inspirational person and it was amazing when we found out that he had decided to come to our school. Along with many other students, we couldn't believe it!

His mission is to help disadvantaged youths. He helped us by giving 100,000 dollars to the Manaiakalani Trust Foundation! I think that is just....... well you can’t really explain it! He also wants to make the future better for all us kids. He also said that even if only one person does well, it will be worth it.

After reading his lyrics from his latest song, That Power, I think that it talks about him and how he grew up to become who he is now. Basically he is saying, I grew up in a poor neighbourhood but I worked hard and look at me now! Famous, rich and living big. has become a really great inspiration for me and probably for many other people! Thank you very much!


  1. Pt England is so lucky to have such a superstar visit them, and I think it is because of all the hard work that the Pt England children like you and your friends have done, and also the hard work done by Mr Burt, Mrs Burt and all the Manaiakalani team! Awesome PT ENGLAND! Very well written Kaycee.

  2. Hi Kaycee ,

    I really like your story about Will.I.Am. I really enjoyed him coming to our school.


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