Monday, December 17, 2012

Thinking Hats Reflection on Netbook

At Pt England school everyone from year 5 to 8 know about netbooks.

Having a netbook makes everyone's learning a lot faster. We don’t just work at school, we can also continue on our work at home and on the weekends too.

Sharing our work is now alot easier with our blogs and netbook. We can share our anything with the world. Sometimes they even give us ideas of how we can improve our work.

Something not so good about the netbooks is that it is quite hard to draw. Also many people think that the screens are too small and I agree.

One thing that the netbook should have is a movie editor. It would be good to have one so that we could make movies at home and at school without going on the Imacs. It should also have a mouse so that we can draw things quicker and easier.

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  1. Hi Kaycee, I like your hats, and I have seen you hard at work on your netbook in the weekends and evenings. Lucky you now have a new mouse to use thanks to Mrs Burt. I can't wait to read more of your blogs.


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