Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Robbery

Speed walking past the other shops, on a Saturday evening, I wanted to get home quickly before my favourite TV show was on. I had just passed the Dairy, with a drink in my hand,  when I saw something suspicious. There was a man dressed in full black, who stared right into my eyes while he walked closer and closer.

Just as he was about to grab me, I noticed cuts and scars on him. Too frightened to do anything, I saw something move behind him. Trying to move myself from my position I got a quick glimpse of people tied up in the dairy. Thinking to myself... Is that what he’s going to do to me and what is going to do to them afterwards?

While I was still thinking, he grabbed my arm and pulled me towards the shop. Tying me up and placing tape on my mouth I then realised what this was. Another man was behind the counter frantically grabbing the money.

Since the robber still looked like he had a while until he would go, I decided to try and find something to cut my rope. Trying to get a hold of something, I noticed that one of the robbers was looking at me. Slowly putting myself into my original position, I stay frozen until I see a car pull up outside.

With the money, the robbers start to head out the door to the car. “What about us??!!” I wonder. Suddenly I hear loud noises and bright lights. Looking towards the window I think, WE’RE SAVED! Then the robbers run back in and cause more trouble.

One of them pulled out a gun and grabs a kid telling them to let him go or else! Closing my eyes, I repeat to myself, “It’s all going to be alright, It’s all going to be alright”. Feeling someone's hand on my shoulder I get a little shock. “You can go now” said the person. I looked up to see if the robbers still had the kid but they didn't. They were handcuffed and in the police car. I got up, still shaking, and started walking out of the shop back home.

Luckily everyone ended up safe. The cops took the robbers away and everyone got back on with their life. I still didn't figure out who called the cops though.

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