Monday, July 23, 2012

Why Does A Bee Sting?

Rarely do bees sting, unless they get provoked or annoyed. Alarmed when you try to kill them, there is a chance they could use their weapon that nature has given them. Their stingers.

On the end of a worker bee’s stinger, there is a fine sharp barbed tube. When stung, poison is then injected into you.

Most people knows that a bee can only sting once. If we get stung, normally people instantly knocks the offending bee from where it has stung. This prevents the bee from being able to withdraw the barb naturally. It then dies.

If we do not pull the bee away from its body, it can sting us as much as we allow it to.

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  1. Hi Kaycee. It is not nice to be stung by a bee! This is true for all creatures, if you don't threaten them then they won't hurt you :-) Good writing, very informative.


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