Friday, December 9, 2011


Tonight all the year 5's and up would be having their prizegiving. At 7:00 all the kids gathered into the hall. Mr Burt started it with a few notices and then said the prayer.

"Now the first performance is from the SENIOR KAPA HAKA group!" announced Mr Burt. Everyone started clapping. As they finished the performance, I started to feel nervous. Next was the year 5's!

Now it was time for the Year 5 prizes! Mrs Squires had told us who was going to get prizes, but no one knew what they were getting. First he gave all the awards for 100% attendance, citizenship and more. Tyla ( my friend ) got citizenship! I got a distinction award! Finally it was time for the ACADEMIC AWARDS! “In 3rd place is Jonita! ( my other friend) ” announced Mr Burt. “Woohoo Go Nita” I shouted. In 2nd place was Isara. “And in 1st place is Kaycee!” said Mr Burt. I could hear my dad cheering for me.

Next was our item! As I stood in my spot I could see my mum and brother trying to get a photo of me! As the music started to play I started to pose. Nearly forgetting the moves I looked at Mele and watched her. Our song was a remix one with EVERYBODY DANCE NOW, BABE BABE, JUMP JUMP etc. Finishing the performance with a back to back pose, I stared at everyone else. After this, the year 6’s got their prizes and it took a while!

Finally it was time for their item. They did a Jabbawockeez dance to a Michael Jackson dance. It was really cool. I liked it when the middle row picked up the white masks! It was awesome.

One of my favourite items was the intermediate one. The did the Dougie to Teach Me how to Dougie song. They were good! Jonty had the microphone and was going round singing it.

It was fun at the prizegiving! I also liked getting the awards. I hope next year it’ll be even better!

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  1. Hi Kaycee, Thats was an awesome prizegiving and I am SOOOOOO proud of you XXX. You are awesome!!
    Love you lots, Mum


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